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Have you given any thought to having a yacht built to your exact specifications? The industry has evolved greatly in the sense of options a client has to build a yacht. The decision comes from many factors: yachting experience, passion for yachting, owner requirements, delivery time and so many more to name. We will give you a quick run-through of the 3 types of new yacht builds that are available:



If we had to make an educated guess, this is where 80 percent of the yachts you see on the water were born. A production yacht ranges from the smallest (32ft) to about 100ft give or take. The new build process for these yachts is fairly simple because there is a limited amount of input a client can make to change the design of the yacht. We can assist you in allocating a production slot, choosing options, furnishings, tenders, soft goods and decorations. Aside from those few items, the shipyard would maybe give clients the choice between two different layouts.
Once you make the decision of building a particular boat with a particular layout, the project will commence and the details will be worked out between us and the shipyard so that you do not have to worry about anything else. We will, of course, aid in the process of crew placement if need be, documentation, permitting, insurance and services/warranty claims thereafter. The production boat is the best place to start yachting, it is easier to find parts, less expensive to build and keep and also will give owner’s an idea of what they’d change on their next yacht.


This is the more popular strategy in the custom yacht industry. Many factors lead clients to chose a semi-custom yacht such as an Amels 55 Meter series. The naval architecture is in place, the exterior design of hull and superstructure are in place, this will reduce the build time and cost for the client while also providing a peace of mind that they are on a well-proven platform. The semi-custom yachts range usually between 80-200ft (24-60 meters) and are limited as to how much the client can edit the design of the yacht. There are many shipyards that build semi-custom yachts in the sense that they will let a prospecting buyer choose materials for the interior, layouts of the upper decks, modify flybridges with accessories, add some amenities within the space and so on. Semi custom builds usually cannot be modified in the sense of hull design, exterior structure, propulsion and exterior construction materials.

Our function in one of these projects is to first and foremost, find the correct platform for our client. Get all of the client’s visions on the designer’s table, come up with a schedule with the shipyard and suppliers, manage the project through the build and finally deliver the yacht to her owner. We will continue to work closely with the yacht’s crew in order to keep the operation running smoothly there after.


This is a magical process in which we sit with you, speak about your ideas and visions to get a base to begin working with. The client’s input is the core to all full custom builds. We work closely with you at first, getting to know all of your desires in terms of appearance, performance, amenities, materials, and all other special requirements you may have. Starting by analyzing all the different Interior and exterior designers, we will chose a select few to provide us their best representation of your visions. Once the design is chosen, we move to shipyards for bids on who is the best candidate for the job. Once the yard is chosen, the lawyers will write a contract which will be very specific in terms of expectations. Of course, there are many many other steps to this process which we would be happy to discuss with you.

This segment of yachting really has no limits. You can achieve the unimaginable and make it come together in perfect harmony. Fully Custom builds are usually yachts greater than 160ft or 50 meters, which makes this the most rare form of yacht on the water today. 

To summarize, our function is to make a plan with your ideas and visions, present you the best candidates for each job and help you choose the team for the project. When the project commences, we will be there every step of the building process making sure every aspect of the build is exactly as it was envisioned by you. We will personally be visiting the shipyard consecutively and sending you updates as to the progress and any question that may need your attention. While the vessel is being constructed we will begin the delicate search for the perfect crew to maintain the ship and serve you on board.  

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