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The Luxury Motor Yacht niche is undoubtedly the market dominator in the region. What is a luxury motor yacht? The range is enormous and the possibilities are endless. A Luxury motor yacht will always have same basic characteristics such as: Luxury interior design, owner stateroom with en-suite head, VIP stateroom with en-suite head, guest stateroom (s), complete galley (kitchen), dining area, comfortable seating both indoors and out, tender capabilities, crew quarters and an overall welcoming feeling. 

This style of yacht is very versatile; owners can enjoy many different activities and destinations in complete comfort on par to a condo. From doing day-trips to the local sandbar with your family and friends to spending a month+ cruising the islands, a Luxury Motor Yacht will always be a great choice for most clients.

A luxury motor yacht falls between the 50 to 120 foot mark, this range being the core of the industry. From 120 up into the 200 foot range you have your Superyachts which gain many creature comforts, toy storage, capabilities and will broaden the spectrum of what an owner can do on board. If you’re a seasoned yachtsman with the means to go large, there are the Mega and Giga yachts at the top of the industry. These vessels are mostly constructed with steel and aluminum, host anywhere from 12 to 36 passengers, a crew of 40+ and your possibilities as a yacht owner are basically endless. These yachts usually feature helicopter operation, submersibles, large tenders, saunas, theaters, beach clubs, pools, go-anywhere hulls and fuel capacity and are really the largest and most precious moving objects created for private use in the world. The ultimate toy, the top of all dreams, your very own floating and moving small city. Again, the size of the yacht is determined by many factors the owner needs and wants onboard. At MMG, our ultimate goal is to get the perfect boat for every individual client, meeting all the requirements. We work closely with shipyards, designers, naval architects and engineers to make your vision become reality. Read more about this in our New Builds tab on full-custom.


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