Miami Maritime Group now offers a new convenient way for yacht owners to enjoy yachting at a fraction of the cost.

This new 30 meter Princess could be your home away from home for far less than you think…

This new 30 meter Princess could be your home away from home for far less than you think…

Share At Sea is a new program that has been proven by the team to be highly successful in the American market, with (3) 100 foot Princess yachts on the fleet and a 4th one coming in 2020, this new wave of yachting is a must-see for those owners seeking more value in the way they utilize their yachts.

Miami Maritime Group is now the official sales team for the fractions of the fleet still available and the new additions coming in the next years. We are pleased to announce that “Princess III” (pictured above) still has 50% equity ready for families to join and enjoy.

The process is easy, convenient and very cost effective to the owners involved. The minimum shares start at 12.5% which gives you the right to use the vessel for 5 weeks per year in the Bahamas, Caribbean or U.S East Coast. Want to change your destination? No problem, we could accommodate you and your guest on one of our other Princess Yachts in the Sea of Cortez where they are stationed. During your time on board, you will be greeted and tended to by 6 of the most knowledgable and friendly crew members one could ask for. You are guaranteed to have the vacations of a lifetime, with 5 star service throughout your time onboard.

The program also includes concierge services for the clients, everything from logistics on how to get on board, what delicacies you’d like to enjoy onboard, dinner reservations at your destinations, and every other special inquiry you may have.

The best part of this deal is that the boat will be sold (at least 5 years) and you will receive your share of the selling price, alleviating the initial investment. It truly is a win-win for the clients when co-owning a superyacht. All the fixed expenses are split between the parties according to the amount of shares they own, the yacht operator will cover the percentage of the fixed costs that still have not sold so it is not a burden for those who part-own the yacht.

For further information on the program, please reach out to one of our sales representatives or fill out the form below and we will be with you shortly thereafter.

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